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ender6 mods

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I have my new ender6 for two weeks now I've also been modding for two weeks

1) first the wheels of which some did not turn well supplier and creality sent me replacements quickly and free of charge after which this was good

2) then adjusted the card reader because all kinds of problems with this were reported on the internet, an adapter printed so that a closure can occur, this also works

3)then a strain relief for the bed

4)then move the extruder motor so that the bowden tube is much shorter
retraction setting set to 2

5) then placed the spool and sensor to the inside of the printer and made a piece of guide to the extruder

6) then a bridge for the cables to the nozzle with which it can be secured with a tie wrap
7) a USB cable placed on the motherboard and routed out

8) printed a 17mm adapter for the z axis motor so that there is space under the bed for a belt drive of the 3 axis z mod

9) a bridge placed for the tr8 shafts, below and above a bearing block, also on the original z shaft a bearing block guide

10) wheel control bed leveling moved up between bed and frame to create space for the closed loop belt drive of the 3 axis z drive

still waiting for the delivery of the closed loop belt
I think there will have to be a tensioner on this one too
so far for now

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Why would you mod a printer? I mod a printer when there are problems. No problems, no mods needed