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Ender 6 y-axis motor

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We have had Ender 6 for a little over a month now.  Towards the end of a 15 hour print, the y-axis 42- 48 motor axle failed and bent over, and at this point it has broken off.  See picture. There appears to be a lot of torque on the y-axis axle in the mounting spot for the motor.  The x-axis uses the same motor with an axle that is 1/2 inch shorter.  I believe this shorter axle on x-axis gets less torque stress then the y-axis where pulley drive is mounted about 1/2 inch higher on the longer axle.  The factory is currently sending us a new y-axis motor replacement.  But my concern is that this design will fail again down the line.  I was wondering if there is a way to mount y-axis a little higher on the printer frame, and lower the drive pulley on the shaft so it uses less torque- possibly making it a bit more reliable?  Where the resulting position would be about 1/2 higher in the printer frame-similar to the length of the x-axis.

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okay that looks like a week point in the design. If you can get the same mounting bracket as the other site You can mount the stepper upside down and you don't need the long axel. the only problem is you then have to revert the stepper and you will need the source code.