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Ender 6 Reference points

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Hello everyone!

I have 3 issues with my Ender 6 firmware.

1) When I stop printing, hotend remains locked and can not move. Also after stopping I have to turn off the printer, move hotend to the zero point (0, 0) and turn it on again. It would be nice if hotend goes to the zero point after stopping by default.

2) Also I set up 3DTouch and tried to measure hotbed heights. I see that 3DTouch can measure surface heights but it can measure only first row of five. It means that I see on the screen how 3d touch moves around the hotbed surface but in reality it does not change Y coordinate.

3) It is very annoying to set hotend to the zero point by hand after any print. By default it checks only X-axis zero but not Y-axis zero. So if I leave hotend not at the zero point, then it will hammer printer frame.

Firmware version:

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@aido It seems that all printers will not move the hot end to the zero points (0, 0) when stop printing.