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Can't even level

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I just set up my Ender-6. When I turn it on the unit homes and then I try to level the bed. But the knobs won't move enough. The Z stop must be set wrong.

If I try to push home the unit moves up and then grinds the platform upward against the print head.  

If I adjust the stop so that it is lower and does not grind, then I cannot move the bed upward close enough to adjust. Trying to move the platform up will go up and then it won't go up any more. But the gap is way more than a page width.

I see everyone printing with their units but I can't even get it to let me level the thing.

What am I doing wrong? Youtube is no help because everyone there has modified LCDs or firmware, etc.

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It is seem that you need to do some adjustment of the silver screw, the screw that touch the Z-limit switch near the v slot wheel at the end of the bed arm. You have to loose the bottom one (it is a thread lock) before you can adjust the main screw. Turn it clockwise, the gap from nozzle to bed will be closer. After you get the proper gab, turn the bottom screw to lock the thread from be loosen.

Hope it help : )


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@kata I agree.