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BLTouch works but results unused

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Ender 6 with BLTouch, printing with Astroprint from Astrobox server.   Using G29 in the start code after any G28 commands,  printer will perform the BLTouch but the results seem to be unused,  ABS first layer prints squished on 1 side of the plate but the other side is not squshed into the glass,  in extreme cases the other half prints "in the air"

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@subs Interesting, I got some of the "in the air" issues you were talking about before I set the Z offset correctly. Now that is gone but I noticed that the printer actually prints better without Bed Leveling turned on. My first level tests show better results with out auto bed leveling and I'm wondering how the printer uses the bed leveling information to affect the print and if it is doing what it is supposed to be doing correctly. Have you done any testing with and without bed leveling on?