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1st layer results with BL Touch are just off.

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I bought this printer about 3 weeks ago and instantly got a BL Touch to add to it. I paid the extra for the Creality kit for the ender 6 so as to alleviate any machine specific issues I didn’t know about. At this point with auto leveling turned on it seems that I get a lot more inconsistent first layer than with if turned off. I get these same results consistently. When I do manual leveling with a sheet of paper I get pretty good 1st layer results without auto leveling. When I manually level the bed and then turn on the auto leveling is when some of my skirt prints “in the air” before the PLA touches the bed again and other parts of the 1st layer are squished way down into the bed. The nozzle is not digging into the bed, but it is clearly a lot closer than it needs to be. It’s got me wondering if the bed leveling data is not reading inversely so that where it needs to move away from the bed it is moving closer and where it needs to move closer to the bed it moves further away. 

Anybody got similar things happening?

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For a long while I used a BL-Touch and most of the time it worked pretty well. Like you though, there were some inconsistencies. Then things started malfunctioning (the BL_Touch) and the printer would require a power cycle to come back. I’ve had about enough of this and just went back to manual setup. I have not adjusted the bed in months and it just keeps working. I doubt I’ll go back.