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what am I missing

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has to be something really dumb I am missing here, I have been able to print maybe 6 pieces without failure, I added the Cl Touch and its been a nightmare since


at this point I am able to do what is shown in the attached image and dont understand whyyyyyyyyy lol


I have tried using 5-6 dif slicers, this one I am on now is the BuildBee site, I liked the creality slicer but it kept wanting to print in the upper left corner of the table throwing the head into the -0+ position and making terrible noises..


I have tried alcolhol to clean the bed, no worky, I have tried using glass bed, no worky.. only thing I see is what is show in the picture.. runs the 3 warm up lines perfectly, jumps to start actual print and filament never sticks


head is set at 205c

table is between 60c to 70c


I got the product “Bed Weld” today, I am going to try that to see if that helps


suggestions are welcomed 🙂

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@teamcline831 Looks to me like your nozzle is too far above the bed.  I believe that the three lines printed by the slicer should probably be melded together into one wide line, not three distinct lines.

EDIT:  Just reread your post.  You may not have your Z Offset using the correct value???  I am not familiar with the “CI Touch”, so not sure how it is setup.

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