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To much force on filament

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My Ender 5 Pro has been experiencing extrusion issues as soon as it’s second print and i believe it has to do with the fact the extrusion gear is very literally crushing the filament flat as objects print.


The first time the print failed due to the filament snapping just after the extrusion gear and the second time extrusion just stopped. There could also be issues from the fact i was printing at 210 degrees with PLA but i don’t imagine it would cause issues this severe. My best guess as to what could be happening is that the added diameter from the filament being crushed is obstruction the feed tube, I’ve cleaned out the hot end and clipped the ends of the bowden tube just to be safe as well. I don’t know if there’s a way to decrease the tension on the filament or not and would really appreciate some help with this issue