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smooth layer shifting on ender 5 (y axis)

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I have had an Ender 5 for about 2 months, I have had no problems with it so far. Since 3 weeks I have installed the Silent Board V4.2.7. And also had no problems.

When printing elements with about 4cm in the Y axis I get a layer shifting. The higher the layer, the more it moves to the back.

What I have done so far:

- I printed a Qube, 2x2x2 cm. Central on the print bed, 60mm/s, no problem.
- I printed a Qube, 4x4x4 cm. Further back on the print bed 60mm/s. I get slight offset.
- And here something bigger (see picture) here the offset is clearly visible.

Action I have taken:

- i leveled the bed again
- recalibrated the extrude
- i cleaned and tightened the belts and screws.
- Speed greatly reduced (30 mm/s) so the misalignment is less. But printing is very slow.
- I measured the voltage of the stepper motors and first set them according to this information:

- But after it did not help, I set the voltage like this:
X 1.20v / Y 1.15v / Z as before / E as before


My print settings:

PLA / 200°C / 0.6mm nozzle / 0.3mm layer height / 0.2mm line width

I hope I have not forgotten anything and would be very grateful for your help.

Best regards

Please excuse my English 🙂

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