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Inconsistent bed levelling

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I am new to 3D printing.  I purchased an Ender 5 Pro and have not been able to get a first layer yet.  I've tried dozens of times to level the bed.  The first layer would either not come out at all because the bed was too close or it wouldn't stick because I could see the nozzle was too far from the bed.

I've come to realize that bed levelling is not consistent.  I can level the bed so that a piece of paper is barely being scratched by the nozzle.  I then move the Z-axis down by 10mm or more.  Then autohome and every time the nozzle is either pushing right up against the print surface so that I can hear the nozzle scraping the build surface after disabling the motors.  Or I can easily slide a piece of paper under it and see a lot of daylight between.

I've repeated this process of levelling the bed, moving the bed down, autohome, level again over 5 times now without even trying to print. Every time the bed level was off by a lot.  Is this normal?

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@czeeb I must admit, I don't have that problem. My previous problem was me telling it too high until I notice that the nozzle is clogged up prom a previous print. I have to make sure I clean the nozzle after each print.

Now once I have levelled it, its ok. The other thing is I make my first layer to be 0.3mm just in case I levelled the bed too close so that it doesn't scratch the bed.

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