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Ender 5 Pro V4.2.2 printing issues

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I have tried all kinds of different settings in Ultimaker Cura and can't figure out whats wrong, if I print same file with ender 3 everything prints finds. Anyone know what can this be ?


It appears it prints where it should stops but Z axis prints ok, X axis does not and Y does not. 

I print pretty much with same settings as my Ender 3 and that print great with no issues.

is there possible firmware issue ?


This printer came with V4.2.2 board firmware version.



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@fastpcuser Maybe but not sure as there are two gaps on the print, it looks like lost the step. You could also check the voltage of X and Y-axis motors. The resistance of 1 and 4 should be the same, the 3 and 6 should be the same. If not, that means the motor is broken.