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Ender 5 Pro LCD Power?

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Hi all.  First post here with a question.  I am a Complete 3D Printing Noob.  This is my first ever attempt. 

Last week, I mentioned to my daughter that I wanted a 3D printer and the next day she showed up with an Ender 5 Pro that she bought used from the FB Marketplace.  She didn’t ask any questions other than does it work, to which he obviously answered yes.  I plugged it in and powered it on and the LCD screen did not come on.  After some GoogleFoo, I made sure the power voltage switch is set to 115V and the ribbon cable is plugged in the #3 on the board.  Still nothing.  While looking at it, I noticed the micro usb port on the front of the unit and plugged it in to my computer to see if my PC would recognize it.  As soon as I plugged the usb in, the screen came on.  The only obvious upgrade/modification I can see is he has installed a BLTouch and removed the Z Axis limit switch.  The cable from the BLTouch is plugged in as shown in all the videos I have watched.  My question is why would it be getting it’s power from the USB 5V instead of the power supply.  The LCD shows Marlin v. 2.0.6 and the board is version 4.2.2.  Thoughts?