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ENDER 5 board upgrade mystery

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So….  I bought a board upgrade and can not install it.

But aside from help I would also like to put out there my complaints.

Creality 3D 1.1.5 (4.2.7) Upgrade Mute Silent Mainboard for Ender 3 Pro Customized Silent Board, Ender 3 Pro Silent Mother Board

That is the board that “works great for ENDER 5.

I installed it as the connections were labeled on board and connecting wires. But that doesn’t work.

But with no directions at all provided by THE COMGROW STORE. I attempted to search and help myself.    looking at the comments posted by COMGROW they say to install a HEX file. They fail to say * what that is** where you find it *** or how you install.   ALL basic and essential.

Searching online as well as here doesnt work well because CREALITY named three different products with essentially the same name.    So a search for ENDER 5 pulls up ender pro ender plus.  I am fairly new to 3d printing but unless they are simply different colors and not different devices …. then you cant treat them all as one and the same.  So bad job in my opinion there.


I see Marlin 2.0. files to download here not 1.1.5. is that it?     I see nothing as a HEX file.

I have seen you tube videos saying to reverse the xyz cables to zyx. Do that?

I dont know how to upload a file to the ender 5 ( download the file to a card and just turn the printer off and then on?????


I do not see this as just a question in need of an answer.

I see this as a really fundamental oversight that sets a customer up for frustration and failure.

I really doubt that my next printer will be from CREALITY.   

Its all just a sloppy disorganized mess.  Reading the forums makes it clear that customers don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to fundamentals and are struggling to understand those things which have been made needlessly unclear and confusing .  And by no way is that a slam on the people here who appear very educated capable and competent.

Seriously? Ender 5 Ender 5 pro and Ender 5 Plus are all the same in a search. How did giving them the same name seem smart?



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@vgiunta  I have to say that I agree with what you said.  It could be very confusing if you don’t have time to learn 3D printers. 

It is the .bin file now, not the HEX file. it is the firmware for the new board to control your printer hardware works porperly. You can download it here:

Ender-5-4.2.7-TMC2225  Marlin 2.0.1_V1.0.1 

I recommend that you could watch this kind of video if you have time.

But the most important thing is that if you don’t enjoy playing with the printer, so do not do any upgrades unless the printer isn’t working properly.