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Ended 5 pro with bl touch

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I’m part way through setting up the ended pro 5 with bl touch but appear to have the instructions for just the 5 pro! Anyone know where the cable for the bl touch goes? 

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Good problem description Olivia:)

Mine came yesterday, so I was hoping someone had posted an answer. Oh well.

So you have to take off your bottom (I rested mine gently on its back) and took off the 4 screws with the smaller allen key leaving what would be the top right one until last (unless you have a handy helper) because there is a fan attached and dropping the plate on the floor might sound/feel good & satisfy some frustration but isn’t wise. Throw some pillows instead, maybe at a handy helper?

So gently remove the plate and unplug the fan. Then feed the cable through and i’ve shown you where it goes (so you won’t need my handy magnifying glass). The existing control panel cable which is a bit in the way has plenty of wiggle room so you can ask it to wiggle off a bit elsewhere.

Call back your handy helper and reattach the fan cable before replacing and rescrewing the ..erm …..screws.

To anyone following this: If at any point your hair stood on end or you saw any sparks it may be because you didn’t remove the power supply first –> in which case dissassemble the whole printer, rebox & organise a return explaining to the vendor that you’re too stupid to own one 😉

Congratulations, we can now proceed to find out what the next undocumented roadblock is that we have to solve ourselves.



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