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Considering buying Ender5 PRO

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Im thinking of upgrading my 3D printers to the Ender5 Pro I was wondering how hard is the conversion from plastic to metal extruder's? Or will I not have that issue with an Ender series Printer? Also I noticed there is the plus which gives a bigger print Area is the bigger print area really worth the extra 150 dollars? Id love any advice from current Ender 5 /Pro/Plus users what your thoughts and preferences are.

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@hurrad ender 5 + not only has a bigger size but also has BL touch, touchscreen, and so on. I don't feel too much difference between the plastic and metal extruder for general printing. For sure the metal one looks better and has stronger force.

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I bought an Ender 5 Pro but was fitted with a V1.1.5 board. The problem was that I had y-axis shift at every layer. I would wait until Creality ships out the printer with a 4.2.7 board, because quite a lot of Ender 5 pro users are having the same problem with the V1.1.5 board. I was lucky as my reseller gave me a refund after trying to solve it for almost three weeks.


Creality Ender 5 Pro

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