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Cannot update firmware on Ender 5 Pro

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I inherited an Ender 5 Pro from my son recently. I decided to immediately upgrade the mainboard to the new V4.2.7 Silent Board and also add BL Touch at the same time. I was able to install both hardware kits without issue. However, I cannot figure out how to update the firmware. I have formated a new SD card and copied the files to it, however, when I turn on my Ender 5 Pro, nothing happens (meaning, I turn it on with the SD card inserted and the LCD tells me "Ender 5 Pro Ready" but it never loads the new firmware files on the SD card). It's my understanding that the new V4.2 board has a bootloader on it; so it should see the new firmware files and update the firmware shortly after I turn it on. Well, it doesn't. 


I have placed the following file on the SD card to update my Ender 5 Pro with the new V4.2.7 and BL Touch:


Ender-5 Pro Marlin2.0.1 - V1.1.1 - BL Touch - TMC2235.bin


UPDATE: Today, I was able to get version 4.2.2 of the firmware to flash (with BL Touch). After booting up and pressing "Auto Home", BL Touch went through its thing and checked the table height twice so I assume all is working. However, I am using 4.2.2 versus 4.2.7. 

Is there a difference/issue between the 2 firmware versions that caused me the issue I was first describing?


Appreciate the help.



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