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!!!!!WARNING!!!!! to Potential Creality Buyers

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If you are looking to buy a Creality machine "Run Forrest Run", Creality does not provide anything close to a respectable business that supports their product.

Three weeks into owning an Ender 5 Plus waiting to get a fix for Thermal Runaway, they don't respond to my emails.

I was told when I bought the machine that the Forums will be a great source of help, I find that funny now. There is no help here nor the other forums.

The two things I've learned from this nightmare is:

1. Creality is to be avoided.

2. Creality forums suck.

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I bought an Ender5Plus 18 months ago.


I use it rarely but I reckon I have printed only 4 things successfully.  Every single time I use it there are issues with bed adhesion, levelling, breaking filament or whatever.


As well as buying this infernal machine, to try to fix the issues and made it reliably print anything at all I have bought:

- Swiss DD extruder kit

- New glass plate

- Silent mainboard

- Crealty Tent to keep it a nice temperature


I have bed levelled it 100 times+

Either the printing head scratches a nice pattern into the glass or it makes a birds nest.

I cannot tell you how many YouTube videos I watched and followed instructions.

My final guess on what is wrong is that maybe the heated bed has bowed meaning the glass is just not level, but I am not spending any more money on this junk.

I am now off to buy a Flashforge one and will enjoy getting my angle grinder out and turning the Ender5 into very small pieces of recyclable material.  By now I reckon I have wasted £800 on something which just does not work.


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I bought mine 2 months ago, lots of little problems and have spent hours and hours trying to research fixes, Creality customer support is a complete waste of time, they tell you to come here, but this forum is nothing but the blind leading the blind. 

 Next time and that will be sooner than later I'll buy a printer that has actual US support, there is a reason these are cheaper to buy.