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[Sticky] Vibration on hotend

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On Ender 5 Plus

On the hotend, when the gantry moves around there is a low vibration/hum that comes from gantry.  When the hot end is at near the outer edge of the build plate a hum comes from the gantry.  This vibration is lessened when it comes in contact with anything (stack of post-its for example).  When it makes this sound, it sounds as if the whole system if under load or some resistance.  This began this morning following the successful (vibration/hum-less) completion of a small print. 

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Hi @ga1lyons.  Is this a new issue, or a new machine?  It's possible that the fan cover or blower fan are not fully tightened?  Perhaps take the hex wrench and make sure that the screws are tight.  Also, I've had a wire move and bump against the cooling fan and make it vibrate.  Perhaps check these options and get back to us whether this fixes it or not.

Good luck!

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@ga1lyons  Can you determine whether the sound is coming from the stepper motor or from the frame?

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It's possible that screws when loose over time as these machines involve a lot of movements.  Try determine where the noise came from then check nearby screws, fans, belts.. etc