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To direct drive or not to direct drive.

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So i am still learning and when i purchased my ender 5 plus i went ahead and got a

Microswiss full metal hot end

New nozzle

Upgraded creality extruder.

TL Smoother addon module for each motor.

Upgraded creality all aluminum ( think its just a small oem upgrade really )

Now i did a few test prints and things like that then swapped over the hotend and extruder and dded all the other parts tp the mix. Well i still have decent results but have been looking lately about possibly going to a direct drive but they are so heavy unlesss you do something like the mosquito and bond tech bmgm for a little less weight but you are still over tripling the weight where the used not be any. 


What are you thoughts even if its other parts and or different routes. I do not depend on this rig for any things so i would like to learn more and make it better. 


I also still run the oem board so no firmware mods have been done Nore i have yet to gain that knowledge. Thanks

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@joshuacolvey Creality seems to not like the direct extruder. The direct extruder is for sure will solve many extruder issues and the hotend clog issue. But the printing speed will be affected as the print head will heavier. The coin has two sides.