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This is a Big Boo Boo

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Please see the pictures attached.

I'm a new 3D printer hobbyist and my new 3D printer has now thrown the worst situation at me... I need guidance on what my next steps should be getting out of this.  As shown in the pictures the melted PLA has now entombed the heater block and the thermistor.

So do I heat the block and try and pick away the PLA? But this just in my mind has a higher probability of damaging the thermistor cable which to my understanding is quite fragile?

Any advice and guidance on this matter would be very much appreciated!

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@mr3d Sorry, I did not see your attached picture. Would you mind sharing again? In my opinion, if this situation is not affecting normal use, you should let it go. Or raise the temperature and only clean the filament on metal parts. Let the filament that sticks on the wire connector just be?

Btw, How the melted PLA entombed the heater block and the thermistor? I mean I do not figure out how could it be?