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I bought my E5P in December, in America, to bring it to Brazil, I had to completely dismantle it.
Machine reassembled, I start work again, everything works very well.
But, one day, I made the mistake of stopping an impression (due to problems with the appearance of the piece) and, before removing the piece from the bed, I pressed the HOME command, which caused the hotend / bltouch to rest on the printed part, forcing the whole mechanism.
Well, I changed the BLtouch and the problems really started.
When I send the leveling command, the Z axis behaves erratically, going down instead of returning to the beginning and, with each command, it goes down more and more.
I changed the leveler again, the problem persisted, I disassembled piece by piece, wiped a general cleaning, applied a clean solution to contacts all over the electronics, reassembled, reinstalled the firmware (Version 1.71.0 KF) and … everything went back to work.
Yesterday, I sent a piece for printing (PLA nozzle 1.00mm layer 0.36mm speed 100mm / s infill 40%), and left for my morning walk. When I returned, there was a huge ball of melted material, adhered to the hotend, again more problems. I disassembled the entire hotend, carried out the total cleaning, reassembled it and, let’s go back to work.
Leveling OK, there was a problem with the thermistor and the heating of the nozzle, I changed the thermistor and the heater cartridge (taking the opportunity, since several times the system had heating problems, when the temperature should be above 230ºC / 446ºF).
Everything ready, come on …
Leveling problem has returned.
BLtouch exchange done, nothing done
Loading the firmware again, nothing done
review of connections, nothing done
The Z axis continues to descend, not responding to commands, and in the pronterface the message appears
Error: STOP called because of BLTouch error – restart with M999
Error: STOP called because of BLTouch error – restart with M999
I’ve already exchanged BLTOUCH 2 times and it didn’t work out.
I have 2 inductive levelers here, maybe the solution is to install them and forget the BLTouch, or do the leveling manually.
1 – Has anyone had this kind of problems with the printer? If so, what is the solution?
2 – removing the leveler and performing manual leveling, has anyone tried this? What changes in Marlin need to be made?
3 – Does the replacement of the BLTouch by an inductive sensor imply in what firmware changes? Is there a tutorial about it?

I appreciate any help you can get from friends

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did you ever fix the problem??

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@dbrinas Hi friend. No one responded to the post. If you got an issue, please post a new one and share some details. I would like to help you out of the trouble as far as I can.