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Ender5Plus glass issue

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I have printed a bunch on my printer and noticed that stuff is no longer sticking in the middle of the glass plate. Sticks fine on the outer areas but normal print areas are not sticking properly. It feels slicker in the middle. I only print with PLA. I don't use metal tools on the glass. I just let the plate cool and the parts pop off on their own. Does the glass wear out?

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@theguruofnothing Observed pretty much the same thing (with PLA). First prints stuck well (no raft or brim). Later on stuff started detaching. Plate was perfectly clean (wiped with IPA), leveling was perfect, z offset was bang on as well. 

Finally it occured to me that the bed temp sensor is located somewhere within the aluminum bed plate. Add the glass top and quite likely you will not have the same temperature on its surface due to cooling etc. Cranked up the bed temp to 75C and the stuff never detached again.