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Ender 5 plus v2.2.1 bltouch wiring.

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I just got in a tmc2208 board v2.2.1 for my Ender 5 Plus and it came with literally no wiring diagrams or anything. Just a board. My BLTouch triggers on start up but won't trigger during homing. 

I've found one reddit post with same issue on an Ender 3 and it was just wrong wire placing. They had signal>ground>5v and then found ground>5v>signal on a YouTube video and it worked.


I'm looking around and there's literally no information on how it should be wired into the board. Mine was originally signal>ground>5v like the guy above. But when i tried it with what he found, it didn't work at all. So need a diagram of some sorts. 

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