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Ender 5 Plus stuck on bootscreen

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This is my first week with the printer, this morning while turning on my printer it got stuck on the loading screen and the BLTouch keeps going on and off.

  • Board 2.2 (non silent)
  • Powersupply RSP-500-24 110V.
  • I've been watching videos about reflashing the bootloader but the board is not the same as the Ender 5, so, I don't know where are the pins.
  • Windows detect the board (creates COM10 when pluggin in) but it's unable to communicate.

Thank you.

Eli liu
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you do not need to flash the bootloader, which is different from firmware. 

you may need to install a driver to let the printer recognize the mainboard.

why 5+ has a non-silent board?

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