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Ender 5 Plus Ignorning Print Speed?

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In Cura I'm setting my print speed to have a print temperature of 185 and Print Speed of 45mm/s - to experiment with improving on stringing. 

When printing my test piece, if I visit "Adjustments" On the Ender 5 Plus from the print status screen it displays the correct print temperature and indeed the 60deg bed temperature I also set in Cura, but instead of displaying the print speed as 45mm/s it shows a value of 100mm/s.

Looking through my Cura config I noticed I have a Travel Speed of 100mm/s - but the printer' LCD doesn't say Travel Speed - it says Print Speed

Can anyone help explain this?





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@steveharman Hi Steve. First, you need to understand that the speed you are talking about is totally different from each other.

In Cura, the "Print speed" refers to the moving speed when printing. The "Travel Speed" refers to the moving speed when you are moving above the non-printing area.

The "print speed" on the screen refers to the percentage of print speed you set in Cura, it can only be set to 0-100. It is %, instead of mm/s.