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Ender 5 Plus extrude motor back and forth

Xuan Pham
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The E0 stepper motor keeps moving back and forth even though the firmware has been reinstalled. Please see the footage at

and here the pronterface:!AhgzYa94ashAngJpNSkHUdTxiZcb?e=W7LFjs

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@xuan-pham Hello. Can not see anything in the pronterface. The E0 stepper motor keeps moving back and forth while the printing start? And what is the actions of others hardware?

If it keeps moving back and forth when the printer just powered on. Then you need to check the wire of the Exturder motor, it will do this if the wire is connected incorrectly.

校工叔叔(Mr. Au)
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It looks like you modify your E5+ with direct drive.  I am consider doing the same for my E5+ too.  Where did you purchase the mod from? and what firmware did you use?