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Ender 5 Plus - Bed Stuck in the Middle

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Greetings - The machine was working great until a day ago. The bed seems to be stuck in the middle and it will not allow me to move the Z axis up only down. I have tried to level manual and automatic. Before I start twisting things, wondering if there are some other steps I should take?

Eli liu
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@obsidian no standard steps for this particular issue. Just for general troubleshooting steps. first, check mechanical issues. In your case, rotate the leadscrew couplings by hand to check if there is any friction when moving the bed or strange noise or sound. When you do auto home, how the Z motor acts, a video would be helpful.

then, firmware issue, re-flash the firmware. 

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@eli-liu I have been having a similar issue with my Ender 5 Pro. I have reflashed the firmware, the coupler moves with no issue and wiring seems to be okay. Here is a video of what is happening when I auto home. Running the 32 bit board without BLtouch.

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