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Brand New Ender 5 Plus - Heating Failed

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hey everyone,


just got my ender 5 plus home. got it set up, filament loaded, bed levelled, then when i went to do my first print all of a sudden it said "Heating Failed! Cycle Power!", so i did, but now even on a cold start the nozzle temp reads 122 degrees and the bed 119 degrees.

I've triple checked the wiring, everything is plugged in correctly and snug. I've pulled the power cord and let it sit, shot a blow dryer at the nozzle - temp doesnt change. Thermistor wires are good - also played with the set screw which changed nothing. Thought maybe the room was too cold, but my house is set to 21.5. tried running it in 3 different rooms with the same result.

Super annoyed. I'm coming from an Anet ET5 which was a nightmare of a machine. figured instead of wasting time tinkering with that thing to get it to run properly, i should just buy a quality machine, which is also not working out well so far ? 


has anyone run into this? Any insight on fixes?


Thanks in advance!