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Wattage of K-FAN1 port on Ender 3 V2 board

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Hey everyone,


I've been playing around with multiple usages of my Ender 3 V2 already and recently installed the Creality 500mW laser kit on there, which works like a charm!

Unfortunately, the power is too low to use it as a laser cutter or engrave into more sophisticated materials (as aluminium or metals - at least as far as I know).

I know that you can hook up 10W lasers with the printer as well, but I couldn't find anything about higher power lasers.

So if you have any information regarding these things, I'd be grateful when you could share them (either on cutting with the 500mW kit, the wattage of the slot or more powerful lasers with the Ender 3 (V2)).

As a disclaimer: I'm aware, that a laser is not a toy (not even the 500mW one), so I enclosed the printer and moved it to a 'fire-protected' area out of my living space.




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@carolusxiv Hi, Carroll. I have never tried to higher the laser power. But I think this video is what you are looking for.