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V4.2.2 vs V4.2.7

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Hi. I installed a new v4.2.7 motherboard and I don't see a difference in performance. V 4.2.7 has TMC2225 drivers, v4.2.2 to TMC2208. The TMC2225 is the same as the TMC2208 only in a different housing. Both boards use the same STM32F103RET6 platform. What else are these boards different? Is it worth replacing v4.2.2 with v4.2.7?

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Don't know about your issue - but I had massive layer shifts, and "knocking" noise from the printer with the 4.2.2 board about 2 weeks after getting it and setting it up.  Started at about the 10 hour point, then kept getting shorter and shorter, until the knocks and the shift would happen within 15-20 minutes after starting a print.

Got the 4.2.7 board - no problems since.

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@stan For your enedr3 v2, it is not necessary because the V4.2.2 board is silent. But the others V4.2.2 mainboard is not silent, like for ender3/pro/max. So it is necessary for them to upgrade to a silent board.