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Stuck on boot screen loading after trying firmware update

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On an ender 3 v2 with BLTouch and MB V2.4.7, I tried to flash the firmware with

Ender-3 V2_BLTouch_Marlin_2.0.1_V1.1.1_TMC2225.bin

put on SD card slot in front. Then switch on and since, I'm stuck on that screen...

Tried many reboot, change filename... still the same

On the SD card, on each try, there is a new 4Ko empty EEPROM.DAT file

thanks for your help 🙂

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This is the firmware i am using -> E3V2-BLTouch-5x5-HS-v4.2.7-v2.0.1.bin


the 5x5 is how many probe points and the HS is for High speed. i have the upgraded "silent" motherboard, if you do not you will want E3V2-BLTouch-5x5-HS-v4.2.2-v2.0.1.bin


this may help: