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Prints No Longer Stick

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I’m having an Adhesion issue with my bed. At first, I never had such problems, I got perfect adhesion and perfect first layers for the first 6 months or so. Now whenever I print the plastic peels behind the nozzle or just outright pops off.

I’m wondering if using the scraper tool included with the printer or taking prints off the bed when it’s still hot caused the texture to smoothen, so as a last resort I’m going to sand the bed with a course sandpaper.

Also, I’m wondering if a clog could be causing it as filament wouldn’t have enough pressure/flow when pressing into the bed.

Things I’ve tried.

Cleaned bed with 90+ percent Isopropyl Alcohol.

Cleaned bed with hot soapy water many times.

Cleaned bed with Simple Green.

Cleaned bed with Acetone.

Leveled bed.

Lowered z offset to smash prints. 

Lowered print speeds and acceleration massively.

Gradually increased bed temp from 55c to 70c, and nozzle temp from 200c to 220c.

Increased initial layer height from 0.2 to 0.28mm.

Tried different filaments, TPU prints perfectly, just PLA has issues.


Please tell me any ideas you have.


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