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Printer won't print perfect circles anymore

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Yesterday i changed the mainboard for the ender 3 v2 to a silent mainboard v4.2.7 once that was installed and i turned the printer on it made a really long beeping noise. So i had to revert back the mainboard. I transfered all the cable correctly from one mainboard to another but for some reason if i try to print something it won't make a perfect circle anymore. See photo for a better understanding


What can i do to get it to work 100% again? I have contacted support but haven't heard from them yet.

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I'm guessing here, but it seems that you may simply have lost settings. Do you normally store settings to the uSD card or do you have newer firmware that stores to Eeprom?
I suggest going through your calibration again and make sure you store to Eeprom and if necessary, change the firmware to allow that. Also, ensure your slicer settings still match your printer.

There's really no point in changing the motherboard unless you have had bad layer shifting issues that you can't cure by other means. Although I have measured a small difference in noise level with the 4.2.7 board, it's insignificant when compared to the over-all fan noise. To all intents and purposes, the two boards are the same - they're both 'silent'.

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Maybe the tension of the belts?

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