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Print not sticking ?

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Recently built the ender 3 V2, I’ve leveled the bed using the paper under each corner. When ever I try to print its just not sticking. Almost the nozzle pushing the print off also.


I’ve tried it closer, further away. All manor of temperatures for bed and PLA to try to get it to stick. Even prit stick on the base…..



Anything I’m obliviously doing wrong?












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get a feeler gauge and use the 0.05, much easier than the paper method, i suffered the same fate as you and was advised the same with the gauge, very rare i get problems through bed level adhesion now, with pla/pla+ have a slight drag and petg do the same but then back off very slightly

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bed levelling is only one key factor that impacts the sickness. For me, one piece of paper is good enough for levelling. You may wanna check other things like the material property/quality, bed temp and printing speed. Also to make sure the filament come out from the nozzle is thick and smooth.

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the following factors should be checked.

0.1 First layer thk (use almost 0.28 mm –DONT USE 0.2 OR 0.24 it will fail easily)

1. first layer speed and acceleration (slow is better for example 10 mm/s and increase little by little)

2. bed temp (40 or more for plastic/TPU, and 85 or more for ABS/PETG/PC)

2.1 HOTEND TEMP. rise up t temperature until it will stick

3. flow: if u have flow/extrusion problem, the material will not have enough pressure, try to increase the flow upto 130/140 percentage ONLY in THE FIRST LAYER, and decrease little by little until u don’t find the magic number

4. warping (only after 4/5 mm on z axis): if the printing is moving after few mm, maybe there is a tension/warping problem, check t following params: fan/bed temp. eventually shield the print in some mode from temp shock (closed frame/draft shield in CURA/close windows air cooler off…)

5. Lately: use BOND, I use wood vynilic bond on my glass or steel plate (I prefer steel 0.5 mm, I can bend it)

U can success, don’t worry

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@stacey007 got the same problem a few days ago, my advice :

1. Do the bed leveling with the paper method.

2. Damp a paper towel with isopropyl alcool , and clean the whole glass bed with it. Even if the glass looks clean, maybe it’s not. And if the white paper towel changes colors don’t worry that’s not damage 😉 (my first print removed itself mid print , did the bed leveling, cleaned the bed, paper towel came out yellow, i don’t know why. Second print sticked well 🙂 )  

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I was having the same problems. Did a couple things and now it’s like butter.


These help:

1) Start by having a clean plate each time.

2) Level with the piece of paper method, they also have “level tools” which are a couple of stl’s that help level your printer.

I use PLA and the head is 200 and the bed is 60


This is what made it butter:

1) I got the bltouch for the E 3 v2 and updated the firmware (see my post in this forum about where I got mine because I was having trouble).  I still had to adjust the z offset with the bltouch (so my was – 2.37 ) which I did with a couple test prints and messing with z offset while it was printing.

2) I use magigoo (google it, and it was recommended by DrVax in his videos) .. I put some on the plate each time and it makes a BIG difference) 


happy printing