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[Sticky] Noctua A4x20 pwm and emEnder 3 v2
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Hey All

Really hoping someone can help me, I'm new to 3d printing and wanted to quieten my printer so I bought 2 Noctua A4x20 pwm fans to fit with my new briss fang but am lost as to where to plug them, from what I have read you can wire it but will be on perminantly which can apparently cause bed adhesion issues on the first layer but I saw a video on YouTube from teaching tech about splitting the connections but that was for a laser engraver. 

Anyway sorry for the long newbie post but really hoping some of you seasoned experts can help so I can still use my printer with the new fans and hopefully with the pwm function. 

Just to add the motherboard is v4.2.2 if this helps

Thanks in advance


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