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[Sticky] Noctua A4x20 pwm and emEnder 3 v2

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Hey All

Really hoping someone can help me, I’m new to 3d printing and wanted to quieten my printer so I bought 2 Noctua A4x20 pwm fans to fit with my new briss fang but am lost as to where to plug them, from what I have read you can wire it but will be on perminantly which can apparently cause bed adhesion issues on the first layer but I saw a video on YouTube from teaching tech about splitting the connections but that was for a laser engraver.

Anyway sorry for the long newbie post but really hoping some of you seasoned experts can help so I can still use my printer with the new fans and hopefully with the pwm function. 

Just to add the motherboard is v4.2.2 if this helps

Thanks in advance


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Hi Tim,

It’s great that you’re getting started with 3D printing and are taking steps to improve your printer’s performance. Regarding your question about where to plug in the Noctua fans with PWM function, it is possible to wire them to your motherboard, but it requires some technical knowledge to ensure that they work properly and don’t cause any issues with your printer.

One option is to connect the fans to the PWM pins on your motherboard. You can find these pins labeled on the board or in the documentation that came with it. Make sure that you connect the fans correctly to the correct pins, as connecting them incorrectly could cause damage to your printer.

Another option is to use a separate PWM controller, which allows you to control the fans separately from your printer’s motherboard. This is a more advanced option and requires additional wiring and setup, but it can provide more precise control over your fans and prevent bed adhesion issues.

As for the video you mentioned, it may be helpful to watch it and see if the techniques shown can be adapted for your printer. However, keep in mind that laser engravers and 3D printers have different wiring and electrical requirements, so you may need to make some modifications to the setup to make it work with your printer.

Overall, if you’re not confident in your ability to wire the fans to your printer’s motherboard, it may be a good idea to seek assistance from someone with more experience or to consult the manufacturer’s documentation and support resources. Good luck! My Nordstrom

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