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Marlin nightly builds

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I paid for access to Marlin's nightly builds, and I love it. The only thing I need to know is how to take full advantage of all the extra features that are added? Things like the accuracy test would be nice to use if there were clear instructions as how I am able to receive the data that is obtained from said test. I tried updating the firmware on my screen, thinking that maybe some hidden features would be unlocked. I even tried a couple different firmware mixes, and no extra features come up on the screen. I can type in the commands into Cura, and the printer listens but again, no information as to where or how to get the data to be displayed. I would love to use some of these "added functions".

Another thing. Apparently the Ender 3 V2 screen is color, even though it gives us the boring black with white and blue text. Where can I find some good LCD firmware? 

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