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LCD Control M117/M73 with Octoprint

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Ive tried to display messages and the print status when printing through octoprint. Nothing seems to work. Am I missing something? Ive tried with bugfix branch and the stable firmware from creality. 

I have a 4.2.2 board. Havent updated the LCD firmware since the only file I could find is the from 07.2020. I bought the printer 12.2020


If such action is not possible, is there an upgraded lcd module i can plug into the printer to have octoprint control it?


Any help is appreciated!

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I’m about to tackle the octoprint on my 3 v2 .. from what I can tell you can’t have it display messages from octoprint onto the built in LCD that comes with the printer.  I have seen mod’s where they have added a touch screen to the Raspberry PI directly and then installed the plugin for it to display.  Look here: .. this is for the pro but looks like it would work the same if you have a v2 

Looks like you can get a small screen that plugs right into the pi for like $50 from amazon (also from link)×320-Touchscreen-Raspberry/dp/B017PDWNKE/?tag=y2fin2q5njm-20

youtube from the link above.

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