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Layer Shift, Ender 3 V2

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Good morning,

I do have the same problem with my two weeks old Ender 3 v2. At the beginning, the printer runs great with no shifting issues for more than 15 hours/print. But then, there was a point when layer shifting started. Its in both directions (x and y) as you can see on the picture. The part is rotated by 90 degrees.. I also recognized, that the motor of the y-axle is getting very hot. So I was decreasing the voltage at each stepper driver from 1.2V to 0.9V and the temperature at the motor is still very warm/hot (roughly about 50 degrees celsius).

I was not reading all the 24 pages in this thread but it seems to be two workarounds:

– Quick and dirty: open mainboard frame for better ventilation and maybe add an additional fan

– Long term: change motherboard to 4.2.7

Is that right or are there any other suggestions?

Best regards.

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@seackone  Another suggestion discussed (about page 19 to 23) was to ground all the stepper motors.  This is what I did and have not seen any layer shift since.  I probably print more than a 100 hours of parts since.  I have an Ender 3 Max with a 4.2.2 board.

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@seackone Hiya, I have to admit I have an ender 5 pro, its my third one after returning the other tw which had the y-axis layer shifts. Creality have sent me three V4.2.2 boards and one V4.2.7 boards. None helped. I have got the motherboard out and a bigger fan blowing on it. I’ve also grounded all the stepper motors, that didn’t help either. Not surer what else to do really…

Creality Ender 5 Pro

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Thank you all for your posts that helped me so much! In my 3v2/4.2.2 grounding doesent solve the problem. My issue was overheating so organizing cables to run by edges did the job. Now air can flow clearly thrue all radiators. I have a silent cooling upgrade with step down converter 24 to 12v so I increased voltage for cooling fun to 14V as well

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I’d like to chine in on this topic.  I have five Ender 3 V2’s, the oldest one was purchased in Oct 2019 and the last one Dec 2021. Recently one of them started exhibiting layer shifts in the same spot. I tried everything including replacing the 4.2.2 MB with a 4.2.7 MB, nothing worked.

It turned out to be two loose screws that hold the heat sink on. After tightening those two screws the layer shifting stopped. All my printers are working great.

Hope this helps someone.

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Hey all,

So, I’m kinda sick of this situation, let me explain.

1yr ago I started having layer shifting issues due to the temp rising etc, so I went ahead and modded my 3v2 by replacing both motherboard and PSU fans. Also I added some raising feets etc.. issue went away for a while…then it happened again.

The seller sent me a replacement board for my 4.2.2… unfortunately it was a broken 4.2.7 board, where the thermistor capacitor was broken and made fluctuating readings for the extruder temperature…triggering the temperature runaway feature.

Some weeks later he sent me another 4.2.7 board (…I will get into that, just bare with me)

The thing is, for the last months I never had layer shifting issues with the original 4.2.2, but it all started again this week, so I went ahead and finally replaced the original with the good 4.2.7. 

The layer shifting issue is still happening, changing the board didn’t solved the issue.

I have good cooling and I believe the issue is really related with overheating, we are having quiet a temperature raise in my country in the last weeks, it raised from 16° to nearly 34°.

In my office, the room temperature right now is around 28°, I will drive some tests tomorrow morning with the A/C on… Just to decrease the room temperature down.

If this is the solution, I will put my beloved ender 3v2 for sale. I’m done. My head grows white hairs each time this problem occurs.


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