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Ender 3 v2 will not run

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I need some technical advice to my problem for my “half-dead” printer.


What happened:

1. I opened my fan shroud when the printer was power off and fixed it back.

2. The printer will not switch on anymore after that.

3. If I have my Octopi connected to the printer, the printer can switch on with the CR touch initiate as usual, however, the hotend fan will run at very low speed, different from normal when I can hear the sound of the fan spinning. The display panel work but Homing doesn’t work, if activated, can hear some noise as if the motor is struggling. I can see all the info on the display but the printer won’t move.

4. If I removed my Octopi connection, the printer will switch off. And it will not switch on if I power off and on again, without Octopi plugged in.

5. Using Marlin Firmware V2.0.1 – Jyer Builds now.