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Ender 3 V2 optical endstop

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I'm trying to mount my ender 3V2 optically endstop (from aliexpres)

The problem is that the classic endstop has only 2 pins

Optically have a GND,power supply and signal.POwer supply clear 5V use from board, GND clear bud singal.... 

Can I use a ender 3 V2 original connector for Z ENdstop on the ender board or will another solution be needed?

however, I want to replace it with an optical endstop because I can see if the tolerance on the mechanical switch can be 0.05-0.1m and does not always want to adjust manually and check the first layer with them With an optical endstop, it should be better provided that the ambient light does not shine directly on the endstop.