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[Sticky] Ender 3 v2 Hot stepper motors

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Hello, I bought an Ender 3 v2 and noticed that the stepper motors get very hot when printing. After an hour of printing, they reach 57 degrees Celsius. Is that normal? 

I've tried to keep the motors cooler by loosening the belts and wheels, but that didn't work, just like the firmware update I did.

In the end, I also turned Vref down to values ​​like 1 volt, although 1.2 volts are recommended but the motors didn't get any cooler either. To be on the safe side I also set 0.7 volts so the motors got a little cooler, but there the layer shifting started.

Hope someone here can help me. Thanks

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@erdieskaan The motor will get heating while working, it is normal. As long as it is not too hot, usually, we can touch the motor with our hands. The lower Verf values will cause the step-missing.

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Have you look at Ender-7's extruder motor setup?  They add a fan to it to cool it down.. check it out and it might give you an idea on how you can mod your machine.