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Ender 3 v2 err MAXTEMP

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Hi, My ender 3 v2 gives an MAXTEMP error after I power the printer on. The error first appeared when I was cleaning the nozzle with a metal cleaning brush. I turned the printer off immediately, but after powering it on it gave the same error and it still does. The error comes with a constant beep. I tried loosing the screw holding the thermistor without luck. I also looked at the board but didn’t see any burn marks or anything. When I dismantled the heater and thermistor from the board it still gave the error…

I really don’t know what I should do, I’m about to order a new board along with new a thermistor and a heater cartridge.
Can someone please advice me what I can/should do?
Thanks in advance!

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@fbrri  Have not seen this error, but it should be related to the thermistor.