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Ender 3 V2 bltouch

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I'm having a strange issue with the bltouch sensor not triggering the z-axis stop only while running a print. In terms of auto homing and leveling the sensor triggers perfectly.

I have flashed the proper firmware (my mainboard is a V4.2.2), "Ender3_V2-4.2.2-32bit_Marlin-2.01_V1.1.1-BLTouch" from

I tried flashing "Ender3_V2-4.2.2-32bit_Marlin-2.01_V1.3.1-BLTouch", but I receive a beeping noise from the panel and a blank screen. Is that firmware for a machine running a filament runout sensor?

Main question follows, why does my bltouch work only while not attempting a print?

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Why would the bltouch trigger the z-axis stop? The bltouch replaces the z-axis stop. If you used the creality firmware for the bltouch then you should unplug the z-axis stop. I used the smith3d firmware, which did not require the unplugging of the a-stop. I guess there is something in the firmware that tells the printer to ignore the z-stop in the smith3D version. With the creality firmware i'm pretty sure it's confused when it seas both the bltouch and z-stop connected.