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Ender 3 V2 - Bed level changes in between prints

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Hi guys, 

I know this topic is somewhat old but I just got an Ender 3 V2 this week and I'm still having a hard time to get my first ever print. That said, I'm having this exact problem.

I leveled manually, original springs. printed a bed level model, looked OK, tried to print something and it didnt adhered to the base. I shutted it down and called it a day.

Next day the bed was too low. I leveled again, printed the level test, shutted it down.

Next day the bed was too high and the printer hammered the glass.

So, I reset all my tries and followed a different tutorial to level. It was really nice but I had the issue with it sticking to the bed. 

Next day, it was too low. Seriously here, I`m going crazy with this stuff. I did nothing and called a day, it was leveled OK but the bed is now too low.

If you turn the printer on. Go to prepare, Autohome. It will be wrong, bed too low. Reset the printer. Go to Control, Reset configuration (it will beep), then Autohome. Magically, the bed level is now fixed as it was when I manually leveled it. But as soon as you start it will move the nozzle up again a few mm and the bed will be too low.



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