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E3v2 Digs into Build Plate when Printing

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I recently received and assembled the printer, and have done some calibration prints with great success. The last couple days I’ve been printing some parts for cable chains and printer mounts to help cable manage the printer. I’ve been attaching them piece by piece as they get printed out, and haven’t run into any disruption as a result. However, starting last night, I had multiple prints fail in succession, with globs being left, and parts being dragged by the hot end.


I had printed well over two dozen parts previously, using only my initial bed leveling. I figured it was time to relevel the bed, which helped for about one <5 minute print, before it started failing them again. Now its been dragging the hotend into the bed for the initial layer, and continues to drag the hotend through the following layers, melting the piece.


The bed has been releveled each time, with more and more clearance being given each time. It all still has the same result of dragging the hotend into the bed. I had also noticed that trying to move the z axis up through the menu, would occasionally stall early into the move, but could continue on with a gentle nudge upwards.

I figured the mount I installed to the dual extruder might be too heavy for the single Z stepper with the chains attached, so I removed the mount and replaced all the original hardware. Unfortunately, the issue still persists and I’m unable to print anything.

I’ve given up on it for tonight, but does anyone have any idea what might be happening, or possible solutions?

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Adjust the z offset. And the level again

I recommend this to help level

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if your bed leving is getting thrown out so easily go back and check your build. sounds like the concentric nut or something else may be loose.