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Creality Ender 3 v4.2.7

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I know it's a strange question but trying to add a TFT35 to my ender3 with Creality silent motherboard v4.27. Where do i install the RS232 Cable on the motherboard. Only just started 3D printing so do not want to plug it in the wrong place



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AFAIK there's no RS232 connector or facility on a 4.2.7 board.
I have one right in front of me and I can't find one. I don't believe it exists. 🙁

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You could try an RS232 <-> USB connector/adapter.  Don't know if they still exist, but I used one MANY years ago with some success.  Something like

BUT - I can tell you that many of those won't work on MacOS 11 (Big Sur).  They only provide 32bit driver software, and Big Sur moved to 64bit.  So the old "PL" drivers don't work anymore.

But not sure why you'd want to install an RS232 cable to the 3D printer when a USB port exists.  I've used that with OctoPrint/OctoPi - works fine so long as you get a SYNC USB cable, not just a charge USB cable.  I had to poke around in my box of USB cables and way too many companies save that extra 0.001 cents per cable to leave out the RX/TX cables.