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Bed levelling

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Hi all,

I have a quick question regarding my bed levelling. I have downloaded the bed leveling print where it moves to the four corners and centre of the bed and I use a piece of paper as watched on many youtube videos to adjust the four corners.

What's weird is that when I get the 4 corners into a position when the paper lightly catches under the nozzle, it's really stiff/I can't move or slide the paper under the nozzle when it moves to the centre position, almost as if the centre is higher than the corners? 

Does anyone else have this? I've also noticed that the first layer is thicker/stands out from the rest of the print, I've not described that well but the first couple of layers protrude out from the rest of the object. Also if I print something with a lot of detail like small letters often they are not readable.

I'm new to 3d printing so still finding my way so any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,