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X & Y limits

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Hi, quick intro as I'm new.

The name is Tom and I've just bought my first 3D printer so I'm new to that as well.

I'm a electromechanical engineer by trade, which is why I decided on the Ender 3 Pro as it's one that can be tinkered with and lots of upgrades from what I read.

I've got it all set up great and printed quite a few items off with it, however the issue I'm trying to get to the root of is that why I either dial in auto home or start a print, the X & Y steppers keep on rolling even though the bed and print head are at their respective stops.

I always manually move all axis to the home position, (front left hand corner, nozzle on the bed) with the steppers offline before and print as I was finding that it would print in random places rather that centre of bed.

Eventually they stop then if printing off it goes and prints as it should.

The Z axis drops, touches the limit switch and works great.

I've checked that the X+Y limit switches work, they are all wired the same as the Z and checked for loose connections in the controller.

I've added smoothers to all 3 axis, and it prints super slick.

Has anyone else run into this issue, I'm concerned that it's going to strip teeth off the belt eventually if I don't get it sorted.

I've got a SKR MINI E3 V2.0 motherboard and a TFT35 E3 V3.0 screen unit coming from Big Tree Tech as upgrades in the next couple of weeks, but I like to sort out the limit issue before I fit them.

Cheers for any help folks