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Wired under-extrution inthe middle of print

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I've recently bought an Ender 3 v2, everything was OK for a couple of prints but gradually my printer under-extrude filament, at first I was one or two layers but now every time I want to print, in the middle of print my heat break starts to clog and finally jams, at this point, I can not push filament even with my hand, and when I remove the nozzle I notice that filament is hard even though my temperature is high. I changed my hot end along with the thermistor. Also, I've changed my PTFE tube with the brand Capri corn one. the tube sits flush on the nozzle. I also change my nozzle. my firmware is updated. my filament is PLA and I increased the temperature up to 230 but the problem is staying where it was. I tested my print with and without retraction but got the same result.

Any help would be appriciated

Thank you

Axl Myk
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I had a similar problem. Changed the nozzle from the factory with a new one.

230º is way too high. Try 220º first layer, then 215º print temp. Bed at 60º.