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Upgrade to 4.2.7 with BL Touch from V1.1.2

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I've upgraded Ender 3 that I believe is a version one. Original board Creality3D V1.1.3. New board is 4.2.7. I installed Ender-3- Marlin2.0.1 - V1.1.2 - BLTouch - TMC2225.bin. The BL Touch works. My problem is the Z offset. There are three decimal places to adjust the Offset but only the "tenths" changes. I'm using the original screen. I would like to change at least the "Hundredths". Am I using the wrong bin? Other questions. Does the bed leveling compensate during printing or is only to level bed? If it does compensate the mesh is there a way to make mesh grid smaller? If I change the screen to newer do I use a v2 with BLtouch bin?